staten islanders:  to secede or not to secede, that is the question 

To secede or not to secede, that is the question. Folks, if you don’t know now let me tell you, the secession movement is well underway. In the last nine years over one million residents, many of them your family, friends, and neighbors, have fled the tri state area, no group faster than retirees with city pensions. Companies like IBM, GE, and Westinghouse have led the charge of businesses who have run for the hills. Even Amazon, run by the ultra-liberal billionaire Jeff Bezos was run out of town before he even put a shovel in the cold Queens dirt.

Yes, secession is all around us. That’s why it was only a matter of time before secession reared its head in the forgotten borough of Staten Island. This is why I created the website where you can go to read the documents from the attempted secession of 1993, participate in surveys, have your voice heard in forums, and participate in this most important conversation. I look forward to this site, and my Facebook page STexit Staten Islandto provide all Staten Islanders an opportunity to participate.

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GDP in NYC’s outer boroughs leads state in economic output

New York City is booming, with the outer boroughs leading all counties in the Empire State for increased economic activity and production, according to new federal data released Thursday.

Staten Island ranked first in the state’s 62 counties for the amount that its gross domestic product shot up between 2017 and 2018, 7.8%, from $13.46 billion to $14.5 billion, according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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Borelli, Matteo vow to push secession through despite potential opposition

CITY HALL — After weeks of Island secession talk, Councilmen Joe Borelli and Steven Matteo formally unveiled legislation Tuesday that would put together a task force to study whether Staten Island can secede from New York City.

Though it’s unclear where the more than four dozen other City Council members stand on secession, at least two members don’t seem to be on board with the effort.

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Borelli, Matteo to introduce Staten Island secession bill Tuesday; Debi Rose opposed to bill and push for borough to secede

STATEN ISLAND — Councilman Joe Borelli will formally introduce legislation in the City Council Tuesday that would put together a task force to study whether Staten Island could secede from New York City.

The bill is being co-sponsored by fellow Island Councilman Minority Leader Steven Matteo (R-Mid Island) and Borelli says other Island leaders like Borough President James Oddo also support the legislation.

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Staten Island pols are sick of liberal NYC and want to join upstate

Staten Island is so desperate to leave New York City that it may join upstate.

Republican Assemblyman Michael Reilly is sick of New York City’s high taxes and liberal policies and is hoping the northernmost reaches of the Empire State would annex Staten Island as part of an existing proposal to divide the state into three regions.

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Assemblyman Reilly: ‘Staten Island should be part of upstate’

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Assemblyman Michael Reilly (R-South Shore) wants to see Staten Island separate from the Big Apple and become part of upstate New York.

Reilly told the Advance he would like Staten Island to become part of the upstate region via Divide NY, a plan introduced last year by Assemblyman David DiPietro (R-East Aurora). The plan seeks to divide the state into three regions: New York City; New Amsterdam, all of upstate New York, and Montauk, which would include Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland counties.

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Staten Island gets its own ‘Brexit’ website amid secession talks

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Is Staten Island one step closer to floating away from New York?

Amid controversial talks from South Shore Councilman Joe Borelli (R) reviving a decades-old fight for our forgotten borough to secede from the rest of the city, a new website has come to life asking Staten Islanders to have their voice heard.

Sam Pirozzolo, the Staten Islander infamous for erecting a 16-foot-tall wooden Trump “T” and current City Council hopeful, is behind the aforementioned website  “Stexit: Movement for the secession of Staten Island from New York City.” 

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Staten Island councilmen pushing plan for borough to secede from NYC

New York City will soon be known as the “four boroughs” if two Staten Island council members have their way.

Republicans Joe Borelli and Steven Matteo said Friday that they plan to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to create a task force to examine the feasibility of Staten Island seceding from the left-leaning Big Apple.

“If the city wants to continue going in a radical progressive direction, please just leave us behind!” Borelli told The Post. “The city is fighting a war on the cars we need to drive and loathe police officers — many [of whom] live here. Why wouldn’t Staten Island want to secede?”

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Forgotten borough no more: Borelli moves forward with plan to revive Island secession from New York City

STATEN ISLAND — Nearly 30 years after Staten Island leaders fought exhaustively to secede from New York City, South Shore Councilman Joe Borelli (R) plans to revive that fight again.

In a borough that makes up just 6% of New York City’s population with only three City Council representatives on the 51-member legislative body to serve as a check on the mayor, who controls virtually all city services, Borelli says that in reality, Staten Island leaders have little to no power to effectively deliver city services to the borough.

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In October of 1993, a study was done to access the probable service needs for a separate city and methods of service delivery. A special thank you to City Councilman Joe Borelli for sharing a copy of that study with

To access the study in its entirety, click here. 
To share your thoughts and recommendations on the different sections of the study, click here.

The study speaks to providing a police and fire department as well as emergency services.  It covers Parks and Recreation, Public Health, and other requirements for… basically starting a new city. Yes, the study is old, and things are somewhat different today, but it is a beginning. I think if we are going to have a conversation about STEXIT, then everyone should have access to the history of this movement.


A Message from sam t. Pirozzolo

Most people have a sense of when something just isn’t right. Consider being a taxpayer on Staten Island. Many islanders feel that we do not get back in city services a fair share of what we pay in taxes, that we have an unfair property tax system with  no cap. We have almost 50% fewer bus routes than any other borough, we don’t have an island-wide rapid transit system, we have been bombarded with speed cameras and unwanted bike lanes, our roads suck and the list goes on. Unfortunately, we have been calling ourselves the Forgotten Borough for so long that the term seems to have lost its meaning.

Forgotten Borough: Always last on the list to get services while first on the list for higher fees and taxes – Staten Island.

Once again there is talk about Staten Island succeeding from NYC. I know a lot of people think we would be better off if we did leave NCY but the question is would we really be better off are we just kidding ourselves. This webpage hopes to bring information to you about STEXIT (Staten Island exit from NYC). If you would like to receive important

updates when new information about STEXIT as it becomes available. Please fill out our membership form and I will send an occasional text message to your phone.

This is an important conversation, and everyone has the right to join in the conversation.

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